Corporate Social Responsibility

KARP proactively promotes public interest and honours a triple bottom line – People, Planet, and Profit. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is derived from the personal experiences of our founder family and often exceeds what would be expected of just a good corporate citizen. As a responsible domain, we are committed to help build reputations and sustainability.

Our Family

We take care of our employees like one would for a family member, and it is for reasons like this and many more, that we are an employer of choice since 80’s where over 15% of our workers are third generation employees. Recognizing our workforce as our backbone, we provide world standard workplaces in terms of ergonomics, facilities and ambience. KARP undertakes continuous healthcare monitoring of employees and workplace. We also contribute in education fees and bear the entire schooling expenses of needy employees.

In Jasdan, our employees are provided free housing at Virani Nagar which is also facilitated with school, hospital, shopping complex and playgrounds amongst other things.


Apart from looking after our own employees, we also hearten Animal Welfare initiatives in Surat & Mumbai. As a responsible diamantaire we are concerned about improving welfare and happiness of people. We indulge into various humanitarian activities undertaken by organizations like “Society Undertaking Poor People’s Onus for Rehabilitation” and “Narayan Seva Trust” helping handicaps and polio affected individuals in Gujarat.

We have recently made a substantial contribution for the installation of CCTV cameras in Surat city to control and discipline the rising vehicular traffic and ensure safety.

Our Family


Social and cultural barriers to education and lack of access to organized schooling are addressed by KARP through initiatives like:

  • Girl’s School in Atkot, Rajkot
  • Sardar Patel Education Trust
  • Leuva Patel Girl’s School
  • B. N. Virani School in Bhavnagar, Ranghola and Amreli
  • S. B. Virani Primary School, Surat
  • J.B. Diamond & KARP Impex Vidhya Sankul, Surat
  • Ekal Vidyalay Movement – for the tribal children in India
  • Banaskantha Education Trust, Gujarat
  • The Sogetsu School, Mumbai
  • Oasis Selfless International Society, India
  • Women’s Education Trust, Gujarat
Our Family


Considering the Health care needs of disadvantaged citizens, KARP has been actively supporting courteous programs and initiatives like:

  • P. P. Savani Heart Institute, Surat
  • Sardar Patel Health Foundation, Gujarat
  • Institute of Kidney Dieses & Research Center, Gujarat
  • Loksamarpan Trust, India
  • Shree Leuva Patel Education & Medical Charitable Trust, Gujarat
  • Mahavir Cardiac & General Hospitals, Surat
  • Ashakta Ashram, Surat
  • Prannath Hospital, Surat
  • Annual Blood Donation Camps
  • Diamond Hospital, Surat Diamond Association
The “Diamond Hospital” by SDA aims to provide varied medical treatments with minimal fees or free of cost if required. We have not only supported the establishment of the above mentioned infrastructures but, are also proactively engaged in their development and growth.
Our Family


Encouraging the importance of Sports in both physical and mental development of youth– KARP has been sponsoring events like:

  • National level Basketball Championship
  • Matches of D.S. Cricket Tours (P) Ltd.
  • Hong Kong Cricket Sixes (2008-2020)
We strongly believe that responsible supply chain management, and improvements in social and environmental impacts go hand-in-hand with better quality and management. Therefore, we also translate CSR principles in our business practices and continually improve the impact of our business on society.
Our Family