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KARP has grown to be one of the most respected and trusted diamond manufacturers over 4 decades. Our emphasis on excellence, quality assurance and reliability and transparency whilst being ethical has led us to be a DeBeers Group Sightholder and a member of the ALROSA Alliance. In addition we at KARP are members of Responsible Jewellery Council since 2010. KARP’s proficiency lies in diamond manufacturing versatility, with the knack of crafting high quality diamonds as well as truly innovative jewellery and diamond settings.


KARP's vision is to push relentlessly for excellence, to develop innovative and productive concepts, research oriented development planning, to continuously grow through exceptional products, and compelling global strategic alliances.


To strive for excellence in the world in which we operate "Diamonds".


Karma.    Our actions today will affect us tomorrow. We are proud of our actions.
Accountability.    We are transparent and responsible partners to all Stakeholders.
Respect.     Staff , Customers and Suppliers are treated equally with dignity and respect.
Passion.     We are passionate about our ability to produce the worlds finest diamonds.



Responsibilities that KARP has exercised since its foundation, has resulted in a highly professional and ethical working environment. These also represent our commitment to suppliers, customers, end-consumers and our own social conscience. Our compliance to Best Practice Principles (BPP) and Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) standards reflects the ethical, social and environmental practices that we maintain throughout the entire diamond and jewellery pipeline. In addition to subscribing to the Kimberley Process, we have adopted the policy of transparency, reliability and liability from our heritage. We have also introduced regular financial audits to confront money laundering.

  • Complies with Best Practice Principles (Assessed and Verified by SGS, Geneva).
  • Compliance to Pipeline Integrity (Assessed and Verified by SGS, Geneva).
  • Assures adherence to the Kimberly Process.
  • Ensures Consumer confidence measures.
  • Guarantees Conflict free diamonds.
  • Executes Diamond Manufacturing Excellence (cut by world standard craftsmen).
  • Exceptional standards of Community Service.
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KARP has exceptional production facilities based in Surat & Jasdan (India) and PanYu (China), employing a total workforce of over 5000. These units are designed and equipped to be ahead of time with the most advanced technologies developed in-house. Our experts have devised a stringent quality control system to ensure our products surpass the global quality standards.

In Addition, KARP adheres to the core idea of lean manufacturing to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. With this approach we respond to changing customer desires with more variety, high quality, and fast output times.

We have been continually fine-tuning our efficiencies with the help of in-house developed ERP & CRM systems, Radio Frequency Identification, and many more. Such ingenuity has not only ensured flawless management of the pipeline but, it also ensures that we are able to consistently meet our supply commitments on time with precise accuracy. By integrating our processes with ERP & CRM we are able to maintain complete information transparency and track materials all the way from procurement till the diamonds reach the desired end consumer.

Furthermore, we maintain our standards by measuring the quality quotient at every stage of production. Our grading lab is based within the manufacturing facility in Surat. Our graders in this lab undergo comprehensive training at various international grading facilities.

KARP’s in-house R&D sphere undertakes activities that ensure we stay true to our vision. Directed towards enhancement and innovation, this unit focuses on developing systems and equipments that aid in achieving lean manufacturing and process engineering.

In conjunction with the R&D sphere, one of KARP’s vital offshoots - Studio 361° is engaged in conceiving design and developing diamond cuts, settings and jewellery. Studio 361° undertakes research, analysis and trend forecasting to proactively work with our clients. This off-shoot designs and develops niche innovative products as per client needs.

KARP’s savoir faire and infrastructure together have developed a knowledge driven culture that reduces time, enhances quality and adds value for customers.


KARP is recognized by the Government of India as a Star Trading House. Being one of the most well respected diamond companies in India and in the world, the group has received the most prestigious awards by the Indian Diamond Council (Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council) and the Government of India for its export achievements and dedicated services to its customer for the following years.


1993-94   National Export Award for Outstanding Performance

1994-95   National Export Award for Outstanding Performance

1995-96   National Export Award for Outstanding Performance

1995-96   GJEPC Awards - 4th in Exports of Cut & Polished Diamonds, DTC Sightholder Category

1996-97   GJEPC Awards - 2nd in Exports of Cut & Polished Diamonds, DTC Sightholder Category

1997-98   GJEPC Awards - 1st in Exports of Cut & Polished Diamonds, DTC Sightholder Category

1998-99   GJEPC Awards - 1st in Exports of Cut & Polished Diamonds, DTC Sightholder Category


2004   Best of Show Award, 6th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition

2005   Best of Merit Award, 7th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition

2006   Best of Show Award, 8th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition

2007   Best of Show Award, 9th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition

2008   Best of Show Award, 10th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition



Our principles function as an autonomous mechanism whereby business observes adherence to law, ethical standards and international norms. KARP proactively promotes the public interest and honours a triple bottom line – People, Planet, and Profit. At KARP Corporate Social Responsibility is derived from the personal experiences of the Founders/Promoters family and often exceeds what would be expected of just a good corporate citizen. We have over 5000 workers and we take them very seriously. It is for this reason that has led us to be the employers of choice and over 15% of our workers are third generation employees.

• World standard workplaces in terms of ergonomics, tooling, lighting and ambient temperature.

• Free housing at Virani Nagar, Jasdan with school, hospital, shopping complex and children playground facilities.

• Continuous healthcare monitoring of employees and workplace.


The group’s ‘Sourcing Policy’ and ‘Human Rights Due-Diligence’ is available on request. E-mail request for the same can be sent at sales@karpgroup.com

Any grievances related to Sourcing, Pipeline integrity or any other matter can also be addressed to sales@karpgroup.com